shiny shiny

Instant happiness

It better be good..

Thought it would be nice to post an outfit again, nothing that spectacular. It's still a little messy in my head and I'm kind of down lately but I'll survive :). I'm going to have a nice, hot cup of tea right now and after that I'll be heading to my comfy bed!
I hope your week starts phenomenal my loves!

these little volcanoes came as a surprise to me

Im so confused lately.. my mind is a mess

the truth is, time will tell

the truth is

(someday I won't be young
I'll lose my youthful 'beauty'
and I won't be strong

will I be lonely, will I be loved?
am I everything someone has dreamed of?

I hope my strength lies within
and that my beauty goes deeper than just my skin

will my soulmate be here with me?
or will I be satisfied with someone less?

will the person who gives me that feeling people write novels about

for infinity?
till eternity?
and beyond?

time will tell

nine eleven

Back to schooool.

So, today I had my 3th day of school. I really have to get used to my new class because I don't really know everyone. But then again, they all seem very kind so it'll be just fine!!
Here some outfit pictures from last Sunday. Ohh, and I kept the buckles!

Het Pand der Liefde/The Property of Love

Moment of happiness #2




 Went to a museum yesterday! Here some outfit pictures (after a long, long time, i knowww).
Now I'm getting ready for tonight. I'm going to someones party with 4 friends of mine. After that we will hop in the jacuzzi at my bff's house. Hope everyone will have an AMAZING Friday!

Lovex Meaas