Need your opinion!


Bought new heels today (the third pair this week..) but they have like these buckles and I'm doubting about getting rid of them or not. I've made some pictures but one of the three straps is stitched at both ends so I couldn't  detach this one (use your imagination to erase it, haha :D).
Let me know witch one you think looks best, I would really appreciate it! 

keep them or lose them ?

Moment of happiness #1

Shiny, black, just painted nails.

a polo gize

I'm so so sorry for not updating but things are kinda crazy lately.Will do my best to make it upppp.


Honesty in the full colors of the word

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we don't need capital letters and punctuation marks to express ourselves properly

even though i know you may change from the way you used to be
my love is strong
and if i fall, i'll fall for pure
the pure you
your words
your mind

p a s t

Past few days have been a little hectic.
will update soon

A new one!

I'm making a new one!

Moçambique ♥♥

Off to go!

This weekend I won't be able to blog cuz i'm off with two lovely ladies!

I love you followers!!

Late night art!

love, Meaas

SUNDAY, I love you!

Yesterday I celebrated the 20th birthday of a friend of mine. Here some pics of me (and my outfit) last night! 
(the big bag was hers, it doesn't include my outfit) 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday my loves!!! (I sure will, haha)

Party till you drop don't stop till u get enough.





Just found out James Denton aka Mike Delfino is my mom's age!!!!! *shocking*

edit: now she is bouncing up and down :')

 picture by Angéline Mélin  LINK


I think we can all agree that the selftimer function on my camera sucks BIGtime :)
Hope you all are having a lovely day! {wore it with a grey blazer FYI}

Let's quote it out

"You're worth more than your weight in gold!"
- Meaas


Did some sketching yesterday. Here a sneak-peak!

Stay tuned!

Make you feel my love VIDEO!

As some of you know, a while ago I've had a performance. It was something my school organized at a theater. I was doubting about putting the vid on the web but eventually I decided to do it, Let me know what you think!