Latte Macchiato

Wow, did so many things the past few days and this is just the first week of my holiday.
Just woke up, so I'm going to enjoy my breakfast with a latte macchiato. 

yeah, my nail polish looks like crap cuz I spent my day in my bestie's jacuzzi

Haven't got any plans for today,. so I think I will bake some scones for my lovely grandmother
gotta go cuz I'm starving!

Kisses on both cheeks

6 luvs:

irene said...

nice nailpolish!

Stephanie said...

Your nailpolish is lovely :D Wich one is it if I may ask?

Terence Sambo said...

love ur wrist watch and pendant :o)

Floortje said...

love your style xxxx

Floor said...

ahw dankjewel! ik hou echt van jou styl hahah ik ga je volgen xxxx

Dolls Factory said...

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