From Pearls back to Black.

Ok, I love nail polish and lately I've been painting my nails like crazy. Because of that I thought it would be nice to show how my nails looked the past few days.
Hope you'll like it!

Lavender Haze
Lavender Haze - Pieces

Pearly Lavender
Lavender Haze - Pieces
Pearly White nail polish - ??

Purple Ombre

58 The One and Only - Essence

Rainbow Testing + Glitter
(this wasn't how I wore my nails. This was just to test how it would look, at the end I went with the grey ones with glitter tips)
71?? (pink) - Hema
03 Crazy me (green) - Essence
280 London's Weather Forecast (grey) - Catrice
221 Pink Satin - Chanel

Parisian Mints
Parisian Mints - Pieces

Black Loving
(1x glitter topcoat)
(2x glitter topcoat)
20 Fatal - Essence
White Tip Painter - Catrice
Glitter Topcoat - Essence

My favorite is definitely Parisian Mints, mainly because it goes so well with my favorite color grey!

9 luvs:

hanne said...

ooeh mooie kleurtjes :]
ik vind de licht paarse en de appelblauwzeegroene heel mooi (:

J's said...

Bedankt voor je reactie!
Erg leuke kleurtjes
De leukste vind ik denk ik de Pearly White nail polish & Parisian Mints

Phuong said...

mooie kleurtjes zeg vooral de paarse kleuren en mint!

Floor said...

Ik vind de eerste echt heel erg mooi! XX

ILIANA said...

i love the colors,
en die laatste met dat hartje, superlief! hihi

Amanda said...

ohh, beautiful nails girl!! Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog, I'm definitely following you :)

bisous! Amanda from

Linda said...

thanks for your comment. <3

Fardiana said...

Hey, I love the one in turquoise. I have that colour too =)

Lucky Sixteen Blog said...

nice blog : ) i'm your newest follower x

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