I once saw a dog do this while walking, the owner was in a hurry but the dog just lay there.
It was so funny!


My sewing machine is acting weird..! :( :( :( 
..and if you are some kind of sewing-machine-expert, here is the problem

A sewing machine is supposed to do this:
but the problem is, the red thingy doesn't grab the green thread... so I cant sew.. and now I am really sad :(


From Pearls back to Black.

Ok, I love nail polish and lately I've been painting my nails like crazy. Because of that I thought it would be nice to show how my nails looked the past few days.
Hope you'll like it!

Lavender Haze
Lavender Haze - Pieces

Pearly Lavender

Jummy Jummy Scones!

Here are the scones I made for my grandmother, they were DELICIOUS!


Latte Macchiato

Wow, did so many things the past few days and this is just the first week of my holiday.
Just woke up, so I'm going to enjoy my breakfast with a latte macchiato.