Busy Bee

Yess, I know I lack blogging once in a while and I'm sorry  :(
I'm just sooooooooo busy. 
At fist I'm getting a new closet. I have to think about were I want it and how I want it.. I've cleaned my room yesterday, and it took me ALL DAY! I've thrown out all the thing I didn't want anymore.. and now my room is quite empty.. (A)
Second, my phone is dead.. Why, oh why.. but fortunately my Vodafone contract is expiring in 3 weeks, so I'm getting a new phone! I'm still doubting about which one to get. In a couple of days (or weeks) I'll show you which one I have chosen. 
And at last... My lovely grandma is here! I haven't seen her for like 14 years. She arrived yesterday at the airport. She's staying for 3 months so I'm very exited. 

I hope everybody is enjoying summer!!

♥, Meaza

Picture of my in a D.I.Y. shop when I was browsing for my new closet. Nothing special but at least it's an outfit.

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VeloursFashion said...

Mooie broek! (:

Evi said...

Indeed, hele leuke broek!

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