Busy Bee

Yess, I know I lack blogging once in a while and I'm sorry  :(
I'm just sooooooooo busy. 
At fist I'm getting a new closet. I have to think about were I want it and how I want it.. I've cleaned my room yesterday, and it took me ALL DAY! I've thrown out all the thing I didn't want anymore.. and now my room is quite empty.. (A)
Second, my phone is dead.. Why, oh why.. but fortunately my Vodafone contract is expiring in 3 weeks, so I'm getting a new phone! I'm still doubting about which one to get. In a couple of days (or weeks) I'll show you which one I have chosen. 
And at last... My lovely grandma is here! I haven't seen her for like 14 years. She arrived yesterday at the airport. She's staying for 3 months so I'm very exited. 

I hope everybody is enjoying summer!!

♥, Meaza

Picture of my in a D.I.Y. shop when I was browsing for my new closet. Nothing special but at least it's an outfit.

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Outfit of the day - 17/06/'10

striped top - C&A
jeans - ONLY
shoes - schoenenreus
blazer - /

gosh, I'm so tired.. The last days I'm rushing to school every single morning and I hate it + I feel like i haven't slept in years.. Can't wait till Saturday!

♥, you cutejj

Sewing: Make You Feel My Love Dress

Here she is! The dress can be worn in different lengths. From this short to a little bit longer than knee length.

♥, huggs

Outfit of the day - 10/06/'10

black studded dress - C&A
jacket - C&A
scarf - unknown
grey overknees - scapino

(kept it real simple. Changed the boots for minnetonka ko's, then after school changed the minnetonka's for uggs (A))

♥, Meaas
p.s. dress-post on it's way!

'Stage Fright'

Hey sweeties

I've had a performance at school last Tuesday! It wasn't actually at school, it was at a theater called 'de Blauwe Kei' (the Blue Stone). The event was called 'Plankenkoorts' which means stage fright. My school organized this event every year, but this was the first year it is held in the theater. My rehearsal went totally wrong so I was dead nervous.. Nevertheless, my performance went pretty good (I think (A)).

best picture I could get my hands on, because it actually wasn't allowed to take pictures inside.. 

Then the 'fun' part for you guys. 
1 - it's video taped by like a dozen people, so when I've got one of them video's you are the first ones to see it! (and hopefully you'll like it)
2 - I wore a selfmade dress, so that I'm also going to show you. 

This was it for now. I will upload a post about the dress tomorrow I think, and the video when I have one (A).

♥, take care

Outfit of the day - 02/06/'10

Today my sweet bff had a formal ball, and I went there to see her walk the red carpet. She looked amazing!
Here today's outfit.

jeans - ONLY
dress as top - made by Meaas
vest - MANGO
flipflops - two steps
bag - vintage

♥, love love love