Outfit of the day - 30/05/'10

I went to the cinema today. Went to see Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time, and I think I've fallen in love with the Prince of Persia.. hihi. 
Here my outfit!

My eyes looked really red today, does someone has a solution against red eyes?

top - Zeeman
blazer - ?
 belt - ZARA
scarf - ZARA
 jeans - Only
black overknees - scapino
headgear - H&M
bag - WE

♥, xx!!

Outfit of the day - 23/05/'10

Oh, it was so hot last Sunday! This is what I wore, nothing special, but the only outfit pic I've got right now. I hope you don't mind (A).

skirt - H&M
top - H&M
blue binini - H&M
♥, loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

:( :(

Today was such a beautiful day, and I am freaking ill!
I'm like one hundred degrees :(...

Outfit of the day - 18/05/'10

skirt - H&M
top - ZARA
black overknees - scapino
scarf - Zara
nail polish - LancĂ´me 107
belt - unknown

♥, you gorgeous

Outfit of the day - 17/05/'10

 *sweet sweet candy*

jeans - ONLY
dress as a top - made by me
cardigan -VeroModa
grey overknees - scapino
scarf - Zara 

♥, you sweety

Outfit of the day - 15/05/'10

Here a little outfit post. In case you are wondering, it's not my bedroom. I was staying at my sister-in-law's home, it's her beautiful bedroom! 

jeans - ONLY
top - ZARA
blazer - Shooby Fashion
boots - UGG (from before 2006, when they were called UGH, hihi)

♥, you cutie

Outfit of the day - 09/05/'10

I'm so so so sorry for the lack of outfit posting. Here a new outfit after a long time, it's kind of simple but as you maybe already know, I like simple. I'm wearing the same shorts I was wearing on my trip to Paris. That day I wanted to wear them with these boots too but it was 23°C and we had to walk allot.
I've also noticed that I do not wear a lot of color.. so this week I'm going to a fabric store and I will buy some colorful fabrics (A)!

the bracelet in the picture above I bought in a little store on my trip to Paris
shorts - ZARA
top - ZARA
belt - unknow
black overknees - scapino
accessories - SARA

 ♥, love

Video Paris!!

(had like zeroooooo sleep on the trip to paris..) 

A video I made for you of my trip to Paris. I hope you'll like it!!

♥ loveeeeee, Meaas

From PARIS with loveeeeeeeeee.

Pictures speak louder than words:

me and my best friend 

 in front of the eifel tower

 on top of the arc de triomph

 a couple of random pics

 louvre with Perla from http://purlipurla.blogspot.com/

sacre coeur

 random paris

 random paris


 Oh Paris was like the best. The weather was great and we had so much fun.
Paris is one of the most beautiful city's i've seen
 Hope these pictures speak for themselves. 

, Meaas