Outfit of the day - 12/03/'10

I had only class till 1 yesterday so I put on something simple.
Although it's not a spectacular or well thought outfit, I'm posting it anyway :)

  top (actually a dress) - H&M
 black skirt -H&M
  necklace - H&M 
  rings - Xstrastar accessories
bracelet -SARA
minnetonka ko's - ??
(+ cardigan)

5 luvs:

Phuong said...

I love the top and skirt! Put well together ;)

Bucca said...

simple outfit but it's cute ... nothing wrong with basics ;)

lovert said...

cute top!

Anonymous said...

can i ask you where you bought your minnetonka's ko's? hihi

Meaas said...

@ Anonymous

I bought them at a little store in my town, really don't know what the name of the store is... GoGo or something :$

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