I don't have internet till the 8th of april. Yes, it's verry frustrating.. I will update then!! Loveeeeeeeex

17th Birthday!! ♥♥♥

Jeeeeeeeej, it's my 17th BIRTHDAY!
 ( I will update this post tomorrow because I'm really too tired right now.. sorry :$) 

Outfit of the day - 24/03/'10

This morning I really did my best to put together a white outfit (I only have one white item in my closet..).
After school I changed clothes and hurried to the city to buy a birthday outfit.. but I failed. 
Picturesof the outfit I wore after school. 

sorry for these bad pics..

  skull tee - ZARA
black skirt - H&M
belt - H&M
grey overknees - shoenenreus
gilet - /

, Meaas

Outfit of the day - 22/03/'10

Have I already told you that my school is nominated for the 'Radio 538 School-award'?!
We have won before (in 2005 I think) and now we are nominated again!
I'm really really exited. The main reason is because now we are going to the HMH in Amsterdam with 50 (!) busses (that equals 1500 students) on the 1th of April. 
That means NO school. This Wednesday they are coming to our school to check everything out.
We have to wear white Wednesday.. so I really don't know what to wear.. 

However, I also know that I haven't been posting exited things or outfits the last couple of days, and I really wanted to post todays outfit but I've already taken a shower and I forgot to take a picture.. So to make it up with you guys, here two pictures of my 'spare time' outfit, hihi.

  grey skirt as a top - H&M
grey cardigan - H&M
grey sweatpants - H&M
grey schoes - shoenenreus
love for grey hihi

, Meaas

'Thank you' for your loving babe


, Meaas

Outfit of the day - 15/03/'10

grey, grey, simple grey!

  grey top - ZARA
black skirt - H&M
necklace - H&M
  bracelet -SARA
rings - Xstrastar accessories
suède overknees - scapino

Outfit of the day - 14/03/'10

  top - ZARA
flirty skirt - MANGO
  bracelet -SARA
suède overknees -scapino

Outfit of the day - 12/03/'10

I had only class till 1 yesterday so I put on something simple.
Although it's not a spectacular or well thought outfit, I'm posting it anyway :)

  top (actually a dress) - H&M
 black skirt -H&M
  necklace - H&M 
  rings - Xstrastar accessories
bracelet -SARA
minnetonka ko's - ??
(+ cardigan)

Outfit of the day - 09/03/'10

A few photo's of my simple outfit today 
(sorry for the dirty mirror..)

  cardigan - jeans centre
 black top - unknown
tube skirt - Made By Me
  necklace - H&M
  rings - Xstrastar accessories
heels - van Haren
jeeeej, the sun is shining again (although it's still freezing cold..)
 xx, Meaas

New Blog-Look

Hey sweeties, 
I didn't like the way my blog looked like so I pimped it a little.
I wanted it to give me an instant spring-feeling! I'm really curious about what you all think, 
so let me know in the comment section.

, Meaas
obviously I pink

Nicole Jarecz

God, if you aren't following her already, you should do it NOW!
She's a very talented Fashion Illustrator, I really love all her drawings and stuff. 
Nicole Jarecz from http://www.nicolejarecz.com/

Pictures/Drawings are from Nicole Jarecz 

Outfit of the day - 03/03/'10

  Tshirt - ZARA
  blazer - ZARA
scarf - ZARA
skirt - H&M
  necklace - H&M
  rings - Xstrastar accessories
boots - Xstrastar

xx, Meaas

Picture that!: I'm a BARBIEGIRL in a...

xx, Meaas