Make me up - Carnival Kitty Kat

 Makeup blog! Go Vamp *click*

I haven't posted in a few days now
I'm still out of inspiration
I'm going to share my carnival-make-up-look with you all! 


I'm not so into carnival so I just 'celebrated' it one day.
I hope you like it!!

xx, Meaas

Beautiful Blogger Award!

Loads of love to Evi for giving me this BB award! 

..Ok, and next?
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the award and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Tell 7 interesting things about yourself.
5. Nominate 7 bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate

Share 7 interesting facts about yourself..
Well.. here we go!
FACT 1: My typing skills are lacking. It’s very very annoying.
I have to look at my keyboard to type correctly. 
If i dont , I really need auto-spelling or else all my posts will be full of spelling errors. :$

FACT 2: I love singing. 
I’m not saying that I am one of the best but I just love doing it. 
Maby I will post a video in the future, just for fun.  ^_^ 

FACT 3: Things I also love are drawing, photoshoping, designing and of course.. sewing! 
The two last things I love the most. I can design all day, I really can. 
And I just looooooove sewing clothes. Even if it goes wrong, it doesn’t matter. 
I love to see how the outcome is. I just love it! Will post more sewing in the future.

FACT 4: I have ZERO concentration
Even though I study VWO (I really do not know where to compare that with outside of the Netherlands..), I am very easily distracted.  
In a blink of an eye something of someone can distract me. 
I can fake concentrating but that doesn't get me far. 
It’s not that I do not take school seriously or whatever and there are moment when I can concentrate. 
When I’m interested in something I’m all yours but hey..  
Maths are just not my thing.. 

FACT 5: I have curls. Almost all pictures of me are with straight hair but my natural hair is curly. Very curly. 
I do not wear it with curls often because my hair is to short right now. 
A year ago I had very long hair, but I wanted a short haircut. 
It became a fierce bobline. I didn’t regret it because I loved it! 
Now all I want it to do is grow and grow and grow..

FACT 6: Sometimes I have deep brown eyes and sometimes they are light brown with green! 
Nice to know right? hihi


There's probably are A LOT more, but this what I came up with.


The 7 bloggers I nominate..
drum roll please..

fabulous Manon from
my fashionable friend Perla from
gorgeaus Lisanne from


Food: Proud to present my CUPCAKES !

Drum roll please...


please click on this one!

.. do I need to say more?

I thought XL pictures would do the trick,
x♥x Meaas

*me bussy with the cupcakes*

I want to make CUPCAKES!


Even tough I'm still ill, I really want to make (and eat) cupcakes. I think i am going to bake some tomorrow.
Can't wait to decorate them. Here are a couple of cupcake pictures I found on the web (click to enlarge).
unfortunately my decorating-skills aren't that good...
..I will share mine with you tomorrow! 



Man, do I love food!

Sewing: Christmas-dress

stomach flu... I have been ill for days now and I am really tired of it. I've got one week holiday and I can't even do fun stuff..
Because I don't have any outfits to post I'm posting a couple of pictures of a dress I made for Christmas.The pictures were taken before it was finished. When I'm better I will post a picture with me wearing the dress. 
I know the pictures aren't great but I took them with my phone. The body-form is self made :)

NO pattern used


(click on a picture to enlarge)

Outfit of the day - 11/02/'10


After three days of being ill I was 'pleased' tot go to school again. 
I'm not totally recovered yet but it's going into the right direction!
Even though the jeggings are really.. outstanding.. I like it!

  bleached jegging - ZARA
  brown blazer - ZARA

cardigan - jeans centre
grey shirt - ZARA
necklace - H&M
  ring - Xstrastar accessories

incl. black minnetonka ko's


My heart skipped a beat when I read that Alexander McQueen committed suicide. 
I'm honestly speechless right now.. May he rest in peace <3

... :(

I'm SICK of being ill..

Sewing: Casino Dress for my lovely little Sister



My little sister had a theme night at her school. *CASINO* She begged me to sew her a dress so I did! 
Let me know what you think.

back & botom

front & side

NO pattern used